Interesting football game as a profession and pastime

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Games are considered as the favourite pastime for all the age group of the people, most of the people will like to play the games as well as they will like to watch the games as the viewers. Football is one such game which has many fans all over the world. It is famous for its play and gambling namely the sports betting. Most of the people will like to watch the football because it is interesting and it will entertain the time of the people. It is the game in which the players use their legs to beats the ball to put the goals.  It is the game played by the two players between the two gals post in a rectangular playground. The game involves running, kicking and passing the ball between the players at last the player will put the goal in the desired angel. The players who are having the oval shaped football will set a goal in an exact location and they will be waiting for the time. The defense team will aim at the football the hands of the opposite team.

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Rules for playing the football

Since football is the interesting สล็อต win888 game people all over the world will like to view the play. Many people will play the football games, it is the major reason in the entertainment but the football games can also played as the profession. To make football as the profession there are many rules and regulations for playing the football games. The field where the football is played should be 10 yards long and 53 yards wide. Due to the interest in the football the players will bet the football plays which is known as the sports betting.  There is also 2 minutes break when the team changes the ends during the play for every 15 minutes. The end zone is the most important field in which additional 10 yards will be left for playing this game. This is the place where the points will add up when the ball of the opponent team touches the line.

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